the Business Makeover challenge


What most people don't know about me is that I went from $300 in my savings account to owning a 7-figure marketing agency and a super successful coaching business.

I can proudly say that my clients generated collectively over $6M in cash in 2022.

None of this was due to luck. It was a direct result of a proven framework, PLUS catering to the human behind the business.

I know 2023 is a BIG year for a lot of us. We all stepped into this new season KNOWING there is more. Many want to become millionaires, multi-millionaires, or simply create a business that works. A business that feels expansive, yet stable and safe.

I know many want to be one of the greatest. Many want to be part of history. Many want to build a legacy.

Many claimed 2023 is the year they will thrive.

In 3 days I will be taking you through a complete Business Makeover. The last time, when I delivered this training over 450 people experienced fundamental transformation in their personal life and their business.

Day 1: 25 January 2023 at 1 PM EST

I will share with you my A7 Method. In it I combine 13 years of experience in marketing, sales, human behavior, copywriting and wealth mindset. This is the core method that I use in my business, the same that allowed me to scale my business with integrity, purpose and passion. All of my clients use this framework.

Day 2: 26 January 2023 1 PM EST

Visibility - how to be seen, recognized and chosen. This is something a lot of entrepreneurs underestimate and is often the main reason why they are not profitable

Day 3: 27 January 2023 1 PM EST

Embodyment. How to BE that version you want to be without losing your sanity or burning out. I will show you practices that successful entrepreneurs use to regulate their nervous system. If you have experienced success, had a big month, a few big months, and then things collapsed, this is for you.

Navigating entrepreneurs who want to scale to 5-6 and 7 figures by helping them with their content, their sales strategies, their brand, their confidence and their imagination.