My unique programs and bespoke business mentoring help entrepreneurs to confidently create purposeful, profitable and pleasurable businesses in a holistic way.

I also work with global organizations who are looking to level up their marketing, leadership, branding and sales in this new buyers market.

I empower teams to step into their full potential.

Join me on a self-discovering journey of cultivating
your personal power, your influence, your impact, your unique gifts and purpose
while using aligned REAL business strategy, mindset mentoring and energetics.
I am excited to help you build your own EMPIRE.

Business ⇻ Marketing⇻ branding ⇻ Content ⇻ sales mastery ⇻ female LEADERSHIP

Create a profitable business that makes you happy

Create a profitable business that makes you happy


Clients & Students


Retention Rate of All 1-1 Clients


Clients Who Scaled to Multiple 7-Figures

$6 MM+

Collective Revenue by 1-1 Clients in 2022


Clients on 6 Continents


Coaching Calls in 2022


I can show you how to create mindful marketing practices and how to tap into soulful sales because your audience sees through and feels tactics that are not aligned with them.
Like never before, people sense energy. They see who is authentic, real and in their power to lead. They tap into their intuition to trust a certain brand. They get magnetized.

More and more people crave real human contact. Real stories. Vulnerable posts.
“Fake it until you make it” does not work anymore. Bro marketing is no longer working.

They want YOU. They want your story, your passion, your voice, your expertise, your product.
Your ability to powerfully take them through a journey and transform their lives...



My work is for the coach, mentor, leader, healer, guide, the entrepreneur who wants to design a business their way, expressing their voice, stepping into leadership, and following their intuition. We are breaking the rules and going beyond what's possible.

The work that we do together is not just about mindset or strategy and marketing. It's about you and your self-mastery. It's about having a business that creates a richer experience in life.

work with me

for the human behind the business

Private Mentoring

Private Mentoring

You have big dreams, and you want to make them happen. You desire a business that allows you to live on your terms. You are ready to scale, create security with reoccurring revenue, and structure your business so that you have more freedom in life. You are ready to reach more premium clients while following your purpose. You are ready to put your name on the map and gain more authority. You are ready to hit consistent 6, 7, even 8 figures in your business.


Let’s see if we are a good fit to work together.

Path To Profit Program

Path to Profit Program

THIS IS NOT YOUR AVERAGE BUSINESS PROGRAM. This program is for the person who aspires to wake up every day and loves what he/she does for a living. Travels often. Spiritually secure. Financially stable. The type of person who is building a legacy, wealth, their own economy, and peace of mind, and a business of their dreams. Almost all of my Path To Profit students say… “This is so much more than a program…”. Path to Profit covers everything you need from branding, energetics, sales strategies, content creation, leadership, emotional intelligence, and confidence. Everything in ONE PLACE. 

This will be the only program on how to scale a business that you will need. 

The Empress Program

The Empress Program

FOR THE WOMAN BEHIND THE BUSINESS: This program is for the woman who is here to transform her life, with intention, mindfulness and energetics using the tools she has within. The woman who is calibrating her energy from the Warrior Goddess, who is fighting for what belongs to her, trying, pushing, feeling stagnant, questioning her own abilities, wondering how, to the Empress who is supported, operating from a space of trust and alignment. The woman who shifts from sacrificing to being satisfied.

The Empress who openly receives all her blessings. The Empress who manifests with ease more wealth, playfulness, joy, confidence, balance, freedom and fulfilment. The woman who rises above co-dependency & toxic patterns that prevent her from being her happiest self…

The space to feel safe, supported and held. Your place to recharge, nourish your soul and heal.

Money in the Hands of Conscious Women Program

Money in The Hands of Conscious Women

FOR THE WOMAN CLAIMING WEALTH AND FINANCIAL EXPANSION: Every time I experience a breakthrough, I go through this kind of process. When I hit the very first $22K month in my business after 3 months of establishing my second marketing  agency back in 2018, I did this practice. When I manifested 4 months of 100% close rate in my business, I did this practice. When I manifested my first $15K paid-in-full deal, that’s what I did. When I manifested the opportunity of a $50K deal, this is what I did. When I bought my brother a car, this is what I did. When I paid my mother’s rent for her pottery store for a full year in advance all cash, that’s the process I followed. When I helped friends get out of debt, that’s the exact process I followed. When I earned multiple 6-figures in less than 8 months in 2022 in my coaching business, I followed the very same process.

I got results immediately when I began doing this work. And you will do too. It’s your time now!

Coach Empire Program

Coach Empire Program

FOR THE COACH, THE MENTOR, THE GUIDE, THE HEALER: In 8 videos (this number will grow because I will be adding more videos as the program evolves). I will share with you everything you need in order to build a coaching empire.

We will get into identity work and embodiment so that you can reclaim your space in the industry. There is deep work around inner criticism, lack of self-worth and imposter syndrome. Almost every single coach experiences those regardless of where they are financially.

Branding and visibility are often overlooked and done in a way that does not serve the coach. I will show you exactly how to position yourself.

I will get into the details of creating offers, programs and masterminds that feel aligned, exciting and playful. How to price, package and promote them.

We will work on sales, content, magnetism, attraction marketing and money mentality.

You will get to see actual meditations that I use, what books I read, what affirmations I use, what’s behind the scenes, how I actually create, how I actually communicate with clients, how I actually sell.

Playing BIG Mastermind

Playing Big Mastermind


The Mastermind where we cover big money energy, iconic brand, big impact, conquering self-sabotage, integrity, authenticity, bravery, activation, expansion. This space is the incubator where you cultivate your faith in you.

When it comes to your business, you know you can achieve way more. You feel like sometimes it gets too hard. But deep in you, you know your purpose is to create something beyond average. More impact. More authority. More lives changed. More money in the bank. More recognition. You want to be witnessed the same way you see your clients and hold space for them. Your work is your legacy. You want all of it.

Yet, you are at a point where you want a new place to thrive and expand. You want a pair of fresh eyes and someone who will navigate you in that process of calibration.

My Marketing Agency

My Marketing Agency​

My amazing team of social media experts, graphic designers, web developers and podcast strategists can help you with elevating your business. We will take over your marketing and automations, your launches and all the small tasks that take too much of your time. We can help you with everything related to social media, from designs, and content creation, to managing your platforms and writing your copy. We are able to support you with video and audio editing, strategy creation, optimization, email marketing, funnel creation and branding.

We understand the importance of having a solid team you can trust and that is exactly what we bring to the table. We have been in the industry for over 13 years and we’ve helped thousands entrepreneurs around the globe.

Personal Styling for Female Entrepreneurs

Personal Styling for Female Entrepreneurs

As part of building a legendary brand and claiming your unique voice, the way you look and feel plays a key role. Your expression through your style communicates a story. Your story. You are part of your brand and your brand is part of you. Let me help you communicate your vision effortlessly, colorfully, classy, and bossy.

I am a certified personal stylist and I know that the way you show up influences your brand a lot.

Dare to fully reinvent yourself through your personal style. Communicate a clear message and express your most authentic self with the help of an expert. 

[FREE BLUEPRINT]: wondering how to attract more premium clients?

You are ready to reach more premium clients, you are ready to put your name on the map, and you are ready to hit consistent 5-6, even 7 figures in your business. You ask yourself how…

You want to raise your standards and stop undercharging. You want to raise your standards and attract people who see your value and are ready to invest in your offers. You are playing small in the way you are communicating your value and in other aspects of your strategy and approach.

Get this…A premium client is not only a high-ticket client, meaning someone who invests a lot of money in your business. It’s the one who does the work, is coachable, responsible, open to change, ready to let go, has a winning attitude and matches your energy. Grab my FREE blueprint and tap into no-BS strategies and mindset work to attract the people who say “send me the link, I’m in”.


Hello, my name is ayo and I love helping entrepreneurs and teams to BUILD PURPOSEFUL, PROFITABLE & PLEASURABLE BUSINESSES

I am the woman who knows achieving the seemingly impossible is the NEW NORMAL.

I was 8 years old when I started my first journal, and I wrote my life script. I envisioned my Future Self. I saw myself traveling the world, being brave, wealthy and successful. I dreamt of living in a beautiful city by the ocean with spectacular views. I dreamt of being able to sustain my family and be financially and morally there for them. I manifested all of this.

By the age of 19, I learned 3 languages. By 25 I had two Bachelor’s degrees and two Master’s degree. I was a highly qualified expert in my field. I traveled solo all over Europe and had consistent 5-figure months (felt like a rockstar).

By the age of 28, I worked for world-recognized companies in their social media, marketing and content departments. Most of the time, I was the only woman in the boardroom (also the youngest). Certainly the only foreigner. I had my works featured in magazines and publications. I consulted huge companies in Europe, Africa, Canada, the USA and Australia.

I’ve built and scaled 3 very profitable marketing agencies that served clients on 6 continents.

I helped many companies reach their first million. I felt invincible! 

By the age of 30, I had built and scaled multiple businesses and helped hundreds of clients to grow their online businesses too…

In 2021, I launched 2 new businesses.

In 2022 all my clients collectively earned over $6 000 000!

I trained teams in different industries.

I got certified as Emotion Code Practitioner, trauma-informed coach, personal stylist and self-image expert…

It all started with the decision to live my life by design. And I had my back 100% of the time.

Don’t box your own limitless potential. Rise like a phoenix

create more freedom, authenticity, weaLth & empowerment

my mentoring and programs are for:

My mentoring and programs are for

more amazing entrepreneurs who worked with me

"If you are looking for more than a mentor, a friend, a person who is going to be great, loving and honest with you, Ayo is the way”

Graciela Alish, Mindset Coach

"She’s [ayo] really the queen of marketing, of content and also the queen of holding space”

Marie Öholm, Mindset Coach

“She is competent, her knowledge of marketing is phenomenal, her knowledge of strategy is phenomenal”

Paula Bohland, Business and Mindset Coach

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