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Content That Sells

No more wondering what the fudge to post every single day to get paid clients and not only people who find you “inspiring”


Introducing Content that Sells Bundle


A tangible framework on how to create juicy, mouth-watering content in 2023 because so much has changed - there are things you should say, and some which you most probably shouldn't.

All about connection

A proven way that helped me to create a loyal following of over
22 000 people across platforms. No one likes a dry hump. Your audience wants that foreplay!

Exit the friend zone

Susan, stop asking me why my content does not only inspire people but it turns them into paying clients - this is it, just buy the bundle...

Money Making Machine

Everything in this bundle is part of my content strategy that led to
building a multiple 7-figure online business. It happened once actually started speaking to my ideal client.

Writer's block, adios!

The way to eliminate wondering what to post even though you have all those ideas in your notes.

Finger-licking good content

The key to ending the struggle of how to explain what do you exactly do without confusing people (coaches, healers, guides, I've got you). This is exactly how you won't sound like a dry blog on the Internet

Here's What's Included in This $65 Bundle (Soon the price will go to $299)

Video Library

You will get access to a portal with over 20 videos plus free access to all new videos what will be uploaded. You will get 20 videos with EVERYTHING you need to know about content. Some people charge $2000 or $5000 for this value. 

Content That Sells Workbook

This workbook is GOLD. I am giving you the top 7 kinds of posts that are being used by EVERY multi-million dollar online brand + I explain how to customize them.


You will also get templates with posts that are done-for-you. In fact, these are posts that I have personally used and landed clients thanks to them. All you need is to change the wording based on your business.

Done-For You-Emails

My team and I have collected the best performing emails and email sequences that I have used to have 5 and 6 figure launches. Show off time: I always get more than 60% open rate, 40% click through rate and over 28% conversion rate. It’s all about perfecting your email sequences. 

Content and Design Templates

Canva templates so that you have a cohesive brand. You get FB and Instagram post templates, plus Instagram and FB story templates too.  I am saving you time and cash on design creation. 

Social Media Prompts, Content Prompts, Emails Prompts

I am sharing with you email subject lines that convert, potent social media prompts, and story prompts. Honestly, you won’t ever say you don’t know what to post.

“I have to be honest, I was skeptical. I thought it will be one of those offers that I see everyday. It turned out to be the best purchase I've made recently. It is so well delivered and it helps me organize my head and social media. I used to spend hours writing a post or an email but now I get things done much faster. I also see now why my content was not converting...so much to integrate"

Chloe King, Wellness Expert

Maybe this sound familiar?

You know you should be consistent and create content to nurture and convert your audience. 

“Every day? Seriously, Ayo?”

Yes. Smart businesses NEVER stop growing their audience. This is the oxygen of your business. 

Top of mind is a real thing in business. Ghosting your audience is not sexy. 

And I get it. It’s exhausting and confusing, and it can take SO MUCH time. And maybe you’re out of ideas and all you want to tell your audience is “buy my sh*t, it’s good.”

Most of all…even though you have been doing all the things and you have been showing up consistently, most of your audience thinks that you are very inspirational but when that cart opens they are nowhere to be found (insert cricket sounds here). 



Don’t worry, bestie, I got you!

Get the Content that Sells Bundle and I will send you what you need to know about content creation and most importantly what will make the difference between content that attracts freebie seekers and clients.

Yes, if you’re not making sales every day, you still have some amazing things to learn about content creation. 

And by the way, hiring someone to write your content won’t probably work, especially if you are an individual brand. Not to put shade on all the amazing copywriters. They won’t sound like you because they are not you. 


"I am not even finished with the first one and I have had so many aha moments..."

So many business owners feel shame and guilt, and loads of frustration because their business is either not performing the way it used to or it’s not taking off at all. 

I’ve been there and it took me a while to understand exactly what I have to change in order to activate my audience so I can move out of the “friend zone”. 

You don’t have to be a professional marketer to create content that sells. I pinky promise you that. You also don’t have to use AI to create posts that everyone knows you didn’t write, that’s damaging your brand more than you can imagine. 

This bundle is great for service providers, coaches, mentors, guides, healers, spiritual entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and B2C businesses. 

I’ve compressed over 13 years of experience as a marketing expert with 4 degrees, a journalist and a  writer so that you no longer feel like you need a double degree in communications in order to communicate your value.

Plus, this is only going to cost you $65 (for now). I should be probably selling this mini-course for at least $1650…

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Video library

Lifetime access to over 20 videos that will help you understand content creation and how to communicate your value with ease. If you have been wondering what does it even mean to show up authentically, in power, speak your personal truth and attract those dreamy clients, that’s exactly what I will share with you. Magnetic Messaging? Yes, I got you. 

Jan 2023

workbooks, planners and prompts

No more white screen, second-guessing and frustration. You will receive the very same content planner that I use, plus prompts and directions on exactly what to post and create. You will also get done-for-you captions (that’s what goes into your post as text) that you can slightly change and make it sound like you.

Mockup Template


I am gifting you Canva templates so that you stop wasting time figuring out your designs and focus on being the CEO of your business. You will also get templates for masterclasses, emails, etc. All you need to do is just go and schedule it. That’s how easy I’m making it for you. 

A portal with 20+ videos

Templates, prompts and workbooks

Unlimited  access



You will customized, laser-focused, and intuitive feedback on your content, your brand, your marketing, and positioning in a video format followed by a power-hour on Voxer app (no calls).

People say these audits changed everything for them. 

When you purchase this option you get Content That Sells Bundle for FREE!


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