"Ayo helped me release trapped emotions that were holding me back from showing up in my business. In the span of working together my business degenerated $903K. I overcame my fear of messing it up and failing. I was also able to work on my boundaries and people-pleasing behavior. I feel confident and motivated like never before.
Thank you, Ayo. I am so grateful for everything you've done for the team and for me!

Janet, CEO of OBM Dynamics

"I was dealing with a lot - imposter syndrome, I felt I wasn't good enough, that I wasn't growing as fast as I should. I always felt second-best. I couldn't stop comparing myself to others. I was already very successful but I didn't feel that way. After my first session with Ayo, we cracked the code to something big. She expanded my thinking on another level! She's the key that unlocked something in me. The transformation is magical!"

Kristina, Business Strategist and Medicine Woman




As a certified Emotion Code Practitioner, I've helped hundreds of people live a happier life because we were able to release emotional baggage that they have been carrying for decades. The healing methods that I use can set you free from negative emotions that you hold unconsciously. They affect the way you show-up, your habits, your patterns and your results. Most of us store trauma for years that is preventing us from tapping into our unlimited potential. It's blocking us from wealth, connections and creativity. Energy healing is a must not only for individuals but for teams as well. You can do all the work, yet if you haven't released trauma and negative emotions deeply trapped into your body and nervous system, you might never get the results that you want. I have witnessed drastic changes in sales, production and creativity once people go through energy healing. When you heal, your heart opens up, your mind expands and you become a pure channel for energy, creativity and prosperity. I've used this method on my journey to becoming a multi millionaire.


Few years ago I was recovering from something traumatic that influenced my performance and energy levels. I've always been an over-achiever yet all of a sudden I lost my motivation and drive. I was mentored by some of the top coaches in high performance and leadership at the time but for some reason nothing was helping. I just kept going because I had to.

One night, I felt defeated. I was trying so hard, and for some reason it was as if I've pinched myself off from everything that was once coming to me with ease. It all of a sudden was taking me ages to close potential clients. It was as if I had turned into a money repellant. I felt disappointed and very close to giving up.

"What should I do?" I asked my inner self. No answer. Of course. Let me just go to sleep. As I closed my eyes I felt the nudge to watch something on Gaia. At first I thought, "Ayo, you should just sleep now" but I couldn't.

As I was scrolling to choose what show to watch on Gaia (that's the spiritual version of Netflix), I saw a film called E-motion. I assumed it will be something about dating in the online world and so I ignored it, but something told me to give it a shot.

E-Motion is a factual documentary that explores how human emotions affect the physiology of the human body and how once negative emotions are replaced with positive emotions bona fide physical changes occur.

I immediately identified that my state was a result of suppressed emotions and I made the decision I am going to get help. After working on my energy healing, emotional release and regulation, not only did I feel like myself again, and even better, but I also had 4 consecutive months of 100% close rate of all of my sales conversations and all of my businesses had record months.

Not to mention I became even more intuitive, my dreams became extremely vivid filled with ideas that were just downloaded while I was sleeping. I started learning faster. My decision making process became better. My communication skills improved. My energy levels went all the way up. I attracted some really incredible people and expanded my impact and influence tremendously.

I use these practices on regular basis and my businesses have been only growing and expanding.


S came to me to help her start a business but she was absolutely terrified. We worked on her entire business plan, her selling strategy and marketing. Everything I gave S was going to help her take off in no time. Yet, she barely used any of my strategies. She was paralyzed when it came to showing up. She was scared of showing up: posts, doing videos, lives, events, she just couldn't do it. It was clear to me she needs some energy healing and emotional regulation. When I worked with her we released a trapped emotion of being shocked. At first, she had no idea what that was about but then she remembered about 20 years ago she got literally shocked by electricity which was a scary experience. After we released it S became more confident and she completely revamped her life.



I am a serial entrepreneur and an award-winning business coach with 13 years of experience in the marketing, media and coaching industry. I built and scaled three profitable marketing agencies and a wildly successful coaching business. I own multiple profitable businesses, and just like you, I am a multi-passionate being with many talents, desires and superpowers.

I have a Master's Degree in Business and I am also a certified trauma-informed business coach. I am a certified Emotion Code Practitioner and a certified self-image expert for female entrepreneurs. I've coached, mentored and consulted over 2000 entrepreneurs and dozens of organizations around the globe using cognitive performance coaching methodologies, high-performance practices, NLP, emotional intelligence mastery, brain rewiring and energy healing.

My desire to help others with holistic solutions in order to create their dream business is always inspiring me to find more modalities and practices that really support entrepreneurs in their journey! Cookie-clutter techniques and BS business advice is not something that exists in my mentoring world. I balance strategy, mindset work, and feminine and masculine energetics in business