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The Empire Academy

Get access to all my top-quality business and success courses, kits, templates, and workbooks! Just $99 for a limited time!


Business Makeover Bundle [$14]

3 masterclasses on embodiment, visibility and business mastery + workbook + canva templates. This will transform your business and ideally you as well! People are raving about this bundle!

Money Magic Program [$14]

10 Videos with The 10 Principles of money that EVERYONE should know on their journey to wealth. These helped me get my business to multiple 7-figures and also supported many of my 7-8 fig clients.

Mindful Magnetic Marketing [$97]

Market, Magnetize and Monetize with Integrity, Impact and Authenticity! In a world full of really crappy marketing advice from anyone on the internet, let me teach you REAL marketing strategies

Money In The Hands of Conscious Women Program [$250]

This program will change your relationship with money on a deep psychological and physiological level. This is not your regular money manifestation program. When you get this program you also get as a bonus Money Magic

The Empress Program [$270]

The Empress Program is inspired by the 4 seasons in nature (Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer), the 4 elements of nature (Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind) and The 4 Women Archetypes (Maiden, Mother, Wild Woman, and Wise Woman). This is for the woman ready to transform her life from within!

The 3 Masterclass Bundle - Sales, Marketing, Confidence [$7]

3 Powerful Masterclasses on building confidence in your business to show up, to create activating content + sales mastery masterclass + a masterclass on marketing.

6 Figure Offers Masterclass [$14]

With 200 people in my signature program Path to Profit and Playing Big Mastermind officially crossing multiple 6-figs in one year, I want to show you now how to create multiple 6-figure offers.

Emails That Sell [$27]

Plug and Play Emails Done-For-You, all you need is to slightly customize them. Warm-up sequence, Welcome sequence, Long-form nurture emails, Upsell emails, Business coaching emails, webinar emails, nurture emails, and more!

Black Friday Strategies Masterclass [$7]

This Black Friday strategy is part of my 6-figure months strategy. If you want to end the year strong and use Black Friday in a meaningful way for your business, this is it.

Wealth Starts Within Masterclass [$14]

A powerful masterclass of the frequency of wealth creation. This is not some wishy washy new age, woke transmission. This masterclass is based on years of studying psychology, human behavior, rewiring and more + my incredible results.

How To Attract Premium Clients + High Ticket Sales Training [$14]

An e-book and a library of videos to help you attract premium clients, who do the work, can afford to work with you, are committed and don't play small.

Millionaire Identity Masterclass [$27]

A masterclass on how to build a millionaire identity. Step-by-step rewiring process I used to go from $300 in my savings to a 7-figure business.

Closing Deals In High Heels [$14]

A masterclass of feminine sales, how to sale from a space of service so that you don't feel spammy or salesy. I will show you exactly what I did to fall in love with selling.

365+ Social Media Prompts [$27]

Over 365 social media prompt ideas that you can use for posts, stories and lives across all social media platforms. You will never lack ideas anymore and wonder what to post.

The Aspiring Entrepreneur Bundle [$14]

Everything you need if you are just starting a business of if you're still not making consistent $5 months. You will get a portal with videos and tools to help you grow your business.